Bathrooms 101 Clean and Organize


Bathrooms are important to Buyers

I am sure that your realtor has told you that bathrooms sell. I have put together a quick organization plan for your bathroom to make it shiny and spacious. The first thing we need to do is control the clutter.

Let’s begin!

Start with three boxes, totes or laundry baskets whatever you have around.

  • One for necessities that you use daily or weekly
  • One for items used infrequently
  • One for things to get rid of.

Time to sort

Start with the counter and sort everything into the right box. Then sort the medicine cabinet and drawers. then remove everything from under the sink the organizing montra  “when in doubt, throw it out!” is your battle cry. Old makeup that you never use should never make it to the keep pile. If you have not used the half empty moisturizers or hair sprays get rid of them.

Before you replace anything, completely clean the medicine cabinet, counter, drawers and under the sink cabinet. Do not forget to clean the mirror. As you return items make sure to wipe down each item.

Start with the medicine cabinet and put back in only items that you use daily and weekly. Then add back to the counter items that you use daily and decorative items. Sort makeup, hair items and jewelry into the drawers. Different draw dividers from the Dollar Store work great to keep items organized. Under the sink is good storage. An inexpensive rack is great to give extra space.  Place cleaners on one side and extra items on the other. If you are short on space go vertical with a cabinet over the toilet or over the door storage. If you have a linen closet in the bathroom do not forget to organize.

Now it’s time to clean the toilet and tub/ shower and make them sparkle. Bathtubs, showers and sinks should be freshly caulked. The grout should be clean and in good condition. Bleach  and a toothbrush will help with the project. Your tub and or shower should have no soap scum. Taking a toothbrush and a Q-tip where the toilet meets the tile floor is the easiest way to clean the area. Make sure that your shower curtain is clean. If your bathroom needs to be painted, use  a neutral color.

You are now ready for buyers and you have gotten rid of items you will not have to pack and move. 

Tip:  Check the dollar store for lots of storage items. Think outside the box. A pencil holder is great for hair brushes and toothbrushes. Silverware dividers whether single or boxed are great draw organizers. Small glass containers are great for cotton balls, Q-tips and Band-Aids.

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