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Home Book

For Sale By Owner Home Book 
Thank you for reaching out to me about making your home book. I hope that the information below is of help. If you have questions or need help as you go along please give me a call and we can work something out. I will follow up with you in the next couple of days to see how it is going.

You will need at High quality binder with a plastic sleeve on the front cover to make your home book. You will also need a lot of plastic sheet protectors. I have listed all the information that should be contained in your home book. You will need to  attempt to use all the pages listed. The more material that is included the better image it projects to your prospective buyers. Remember to place copies not originals in your home book.
If a buyer takes the home book this is a clue that they are interested in the house. This is why you keep the home book separate from your ad material. On the front of the binder add a page in the plastic that includes your address and a color photo of the exterior of your home.

Add the following to your page protectors in the binder:
  • Photos of each room highlighting the best feature.
  • Seasonal photos of the outside of your home ( gardens in different seasons, pool in summer, decked out for the holidays etc.)
  • Before and after photos of any home improvement projects that bring value.
  • If you live in a complex that has a  Clubhouse, pool , Gym or walking areas. Take pictures to include with descriptions 
  • Copy of Property Description
  • Copy of Plat of the property
  • Copy of Survey of the property
  • Copy of Floor Plan and any changes that you have made
  • Utility History ~ Sewer, Water, Electric, Gas or Propane, Cable, Telephone and Trash collection
  • Copy HOA documents ~ Bylaws and Fees 
  • Copy of your  disclosure  statements
  • Copy Annual Property taxes
  • Copy of Insurance Premium
  • Copy of Lender Information
  • Copy of Home Appraisal
  • Copy of Home Inspection
  • Copy of all Major Repairs
  • Add a list of all  warranties that you have on the house or appliances
  • Information on area schools 
Once completed, the home book should be placed on the kitchen counter separate from your ad materials. It should be very visible to prospective buyers. After closing and the home has sold, you should ask the Buyer if they wish to keep the Home Book.