FSBO Marketing 


FSBO Marketing Handbook
Thank you for reaching out to me about marketing your home for sale. I hope that the information below is of help. If you need me to help you through the process just give me a call and we can work something out. I will follow up with you in the next couple of days.

Your listing is a key part of marketing
How you describe and stage your home in photos is of the most important part of selling your house. Your listing needs to include all the basics such as price, location, age of the home and the number of rooms, bedrooms and bathrooms. It highlights the most important features of your home such as a large backyard or in-law suite etc. The number one rule of writing a great ad is to be direct and to-the-point. The first line should always include the home’s location and then the selling price. A listing description is one of the most important parts of your marketing plan. Spend time to come up with the best property description you can.  Play up the best features of the house. Also be sure to emphasize recent upgrades and improvements. If you have a unique location, make sure to add that as well. Pull up  20 or 30 properties for sale on any real estate website and read how agents describe their clients homes. They are the professionals, they know what needs to be in the listing description. Always have someone proofread your listing before posting.

Basic Online For Advertising  Information
  • Try to include 15 to 25 pictures with your listing
  • Property address 
  • Sales price. 
  • Number of bedrooms and baths. 
  • Year the home was built. 
  • Style of home & number of stories 
  • Square footage. 
  • Acreage or lot size. 
  • Name of subdivision or location. 
  • Other rooms: family-den-media-library, etc. 
  • Type of flooring. 
  • Type of garage. 
  • Appliances.
  • Central Air
  • Upgrades. 
  • HVAC description. 
  • Move in condition
  • Open floor plan 
  • Contact information, including phone number and email address
Remember to accent the features such as pools, fireplaces and fenced yards.

Advertising ~ Print Ads 
A lot of Real Estate Professionals feel that the newspaper ads are a thing of the past and a waste of money. Most buyers use the internet to find the homes they want to see. If you are going to place ads in the newspaper make sure that you get your money’s worth by only placing ads in a Major Sunday Classified publication. If your area has a weekly or bi-weekly paper this is a great cheap place to advertise an open house. A lot of local people receive and read these smaller papers. Large Real Estate publications are not a good place to spend your marketing dollars. They are expensive and take a long time to feature most homes. This waiting around time could put your sale off by months.

Making Your Sales Flyer
Whether you call it a sales/property flyer or a listing brochure, the truth is a flyer can help you sell your house even when you’re not around. A terrific listing flyer allows buyers to carry their good impression of your home back to their home. Here’s how to create a flyer to market (and sell) your home.
  • Remember that your flyer needs to have all important features listed.
  • Use the same terminology and details in all your ads—online listings, the flyer and local publications. 
  • Close-ups pictures are important, so use a close-up of your home’s best feature. Make sure no family members or pets are in the photos. 
  • Make sure that your price is displayed prominently on the flyer.
  • Remember to include your street address and all contact information with a friendly message to the Buyer. 
“Please feel free to contact us for more information.”
Contact Name
Phone numbers
Email address

Here are some examples of descriptions that can be used on your flyer if they apply.  
  • Condition of home – well maintained, new appliances, new floors, new furnace or roof 
  • Home Warranty – no unexpected additional expenses 
  • Neighborhood – new friends for children, family, quiet, safe 
  • Convenience – walk to public transportation, schools, closeness of shopping 
  • School System – reinforce the positive elements of the school district’s reputation, i.e. “award-winning” or “friendly”
When ready to print flyer:
  • Always print your flyer in color. 
  • Always use high quality paper for your flyers.
  • Hang a brochure box on the for sale sign on your front lawn and keep it filled and make sure that your flyers are always in good shape.
Most buyers use online photos of your home to determine if they wish to see your home. Do not take your pictures until you have prepared and staged your home for sale. Taking good pictures with a digital camera is very easy. Most computers come with  imaging programs.  Make sure that you take lots of pictures. When the buyers look at your listing you want them to be able to walk through the inside and outside of your home. Lots of buyers will not look at a house if there are just exterior pictures of the house. Make sure your pictures have a high resolution. Make sure you take your exterior pictures both up-close, angled and long to emphasize space. Avoiding direct sunlight and remember to crop unnecessary items from your photos. 

Front and Exterior Photos 
Before you start to shoot your pictures of the exterior of your house you need to make sure that your yard is as perfect as can be. 
  • Lawn is mowed and raked. 
  • Walkways are clear of clutter and weeds. 
  • Put away all pets and children’s toys. 
  • Remove your car from your driveway 
  • Make sure that no one is parked in front of your house.
  • HOA Pictures
  • Clubhouse
  • Tennis courts
  • Health Club
  • Spa or Pool.
  • Walking Trails
  • Ponds
Interior Photographs
Make sure that you get a good picture of every room including the bathrooms. The most important pictures are:
  • Living Room and Kitchen
  • Bathrooms
  • Master Bedrooms
  • Bedrooms 
  • Fireplaces, Wood Stoves
  • Wet Bars, Hot Tubs
  • Wood Floors, Unique Wood Work.
Lighting is very important in taking good indoor pictures. Make sure that all curtains and blinds are open. Turn on all lights in the room just like when showing the house. Make sure that your home is  clutter free and sparkling. 

When taking pictures make sure that:
  • You remove trash cans, pets and their supplies, children’s toys
  • Toilet seats are down
  • No dishes in sink or on counter
  • Counters are clean and staged
  • NO pets in pictures
  • Watch for flashback in windows and mirrors

Creating Virtual Tour
A lot of buyers like to take a tour of your house before they come out to see the property in person. Real Estate agents take advantage of this by making virtual tours available with the property listing on the MLS. I recommend to my clients that some form of virtual tour be made. Make sure that you have finished decluttering, cleaning, repairing and staging your house before you video your house or take pictures. If you video or take pictures beforehand you are just wasting time and money. Virtual tours may help sell your house quickly but bad pictures will just slow the process down.

There are three different types of  virtual  tours. Interactive, scrolling and You Tube video. Interactive lets you click parts of the room to get a better look. Scrolling is moving pictures that the buyer can not control. Youtube video is a video taken of the exterior and interior of your home that is uploaded to the internet and MLS.

There are three ways to get  a virtual tour created.
  • Purchase virtual tour software and handle yourself. 
  • Take your own photos and hire a professional to arrange and upload for you.
  • Hire a professional to take the photos, and upload for you. 
Most  professional tour companies can add sound and music to your tour. Adding a voice describing what the buyer is seeing makes your video unique. If you are going to use the scrolling method you might want to ad caption. Costs of virtual tours vary. You will need to research the tour companies in your area. Prices usually  range from $400 to $3000 depending on what is needed. The cost depends on how many rooms and amenities you wish to include. Go over what it is you want to include with each company and get their quotes in writing. 

When the tour is finished it needs to be uploaded. The first place to upload the video is the MLS if you are using the MLS. Then you need to upload to the internet and websites that you  are using. Some tour companies will upload your virtual tour for you for a fee.

FSBO Direct Mail
For Sale By Owners (FSBO) can use some of the same techniques as the professionals. Agents use direct mail as a quick way to let a lot of agents and buyers know about a new listing. For Sale By Owners can buy mailing lists from different companies that include Broker Lists. You will need to design a oversized, colored postcards to send to everyone on the mailing list and also the one listed below:
  • Your neighbors, friends,relatives,
  • Church member list, Organization Member list, 
  • Real Estate Agents who have signs in your neighborhood
FSBO Yard Signs
Yard and directional signs are a must if you are trying to sell your home by yourself. Your signs need to be able to withstand up to all weather conditions. Professional yard signs are made of a steel frame with a powder coated finish, a printed panel and the ability to add a brochure box. Using professional yard signs and directional signs is very important. Directional signs are important to help lead buyers to your property. Many buyers will be put off by cheap looking signs. 

Remember that all signs must include a legible telephone number. Your signs need to be easily seen from the road. Buyers need to be able to  easily read the sign in order to write down the number. Make sure that there is nothing between the sign and the road. After you place the sign in your yard drive around the neighborhood and view it from all directions. If there is an obstruction replace or remove obstruction. Do the same thing after placing directional signs. If you deal with a HOA you should check your Bylaws about sale signage. Both yard and directional signs can be purchased online at Home Depot, Walmart, Lowes and most For Sale By Owner websites.