Home Selling  Process

Valerie Bomberger ABR, AHWD

How long does it take to sell a home or how much is my home worth? A FREE CMA can answer that question.These are the first questions everyone wants to know and there is no easy answer to these questions.  Some homes sell in a few days, others may take months or years. As for the value of your home many things can affect this. Recognizing the proper steps that influence a sale can give you significant control over market time and net worth. Most realtors and sellers will tell you that selling a home is quite difficult. After years of home selling experience, I have worked with hundreds of buyers and have received helpful feedback on what buyers are looking for. I bring this knowledge into every listing appointment to share with the home sellers. Home selling also takes daily marketing to place homes in front of home buyers and other buyer’s agents to have the most impact.  A “For Sale” sign in the yard and an ad in Sunday’s paper for a “by owner” sale rarely works, and getting the best price is impossible. Most often, a real estate professional is needed. I am happy to serve the Southwest Michigan area and am proud of my 20 + years experience in the real estate industry. 

Things to remember when selling your house
  • Get a home inspection. If you have an older home
  • Prepare your home before listing
  • Choosing the right REALTOR®. Wrong REALTOR® may end up costing you money
  • Make sure your curb appeal is spot on 
  • Be upfront on needed repairs
  • Do Not over price your home
  • Do Not let your pets and kids spoil a sale. Take the kids and your pets out (or lock up your pets) when prospective buyers are visiting
Selling a home can be challenging, but with the help of a reliable REALTOR® you can avoid making mistakes and reap the rewards of your sale.

I have put together a list of real estate terms you might want to read to help in the Home Selling Process. Below I have outlined the Home Selling Process from finding an agent to moving out of your home.

Hire a Listing Agent
The Home Selling Process is not easy and you will be glad to have experienced, professional advice to help you find a buyer. I will  guide you through preparing your home for sale, pricing your home, marketing your home, handling offers and the escrow. Find an agent who you like and who knows the community well. Learn More 

Preparing Your Home for Sale
Preparing your home for sale could take some time.You will need to make repairs, clean from top to bottom and increase your curb appeal.  The time to start is now. Valerie Bomberger ABR Remax New Buffalo can help you figure out what needs to be done.  Learn More 

Pricing home for sale
The pricing of your home is the most important aspect of selling your home. The price will either encourage or discourage potential buyers. Price your home based on reality, not just wishful thinking. Your listing agent can help with this decision. Valerie Bomberger ABR Remax New Buffalo can help with a FREE CMA.   Learn More 

Marketing your home
Valerie Bomberger with Remax- New Buffalo has the answers in selling your home. I use technology to my advantage to get your home sold. Virtual tours, social media blitzes, homes sale sites, virtual flyers and youtube videos are just some of my techy marketing plans. I will customize a plan to fit you and your unique home. Learn More 

Have an Offer
When the offers start coming in an experienced realtor is invaluable in negotiating for you to get the highest price possible. Your realtor also handles all the counter offers with the buying agent. Learn More 

Closing and Escrow
Your realtor will handle coordinating  all the needed paper ( add there is a lot) with the title company getting the closing information and keeping it on schedule. At this time you will need to provide all important information in a timely manner. Learn More 

Now it's time to move
Time to pack, set up new utilities and schedule turning off old utilities . Check out my helpful information to get you through the moving process.  Learn More 

Reduce the Stress of Selling
There are many unavoidable tasks to tackle as you prepare to sell your home and move. However, you can reduce some of the stress with this checklist. Use it as a guide to avoid over-thinking and over-doing a few things. You’ve got enough to do already!
  • Restrain Your Urge to Decorate - A few strategic changes to your home may really boost your asking-price, but don’t overdo it. Replacing worn carpet and paint are good ideas, but choose neutral colors even if that may not be your taste. You might love a Southwest motif, but your potential buyers might flinch. Going neutral with everything as you prepare for a sale should make decorating decisions easier.
  • Don’t Over Do Improvements - Again, there are changes you can make that will help your house sell, but don’t worry about the small stuff. You might opt to replace outdated appliances or broken door hinges. Concentrate on necessary fixes, but don’t overdo it. There are plenty of repairs that you could make that will neither increase the home’s value nor accelerate the sale. Be sure to ask your REALTOR® what you should fix and what you should ignore before your house goes on the market.
  • Start Packing to Eliminate Clutter - Reducing the clutter around your house is a stress reliever because it helps get part of your packing done. This is your chance to weed out items you don’t want to keep:  donate some, recycle others and toss the rest.  A thorough clutter reduction before the house goes on the market will make it easier for you to do a quick clean up before each showing, too.
  • Don’t Stick Around - Get the entire family out the door when a showing is scheduled, including pets if possible. Buyers need to be able to imagine themselves in your home and that’s difficult if you are there. 
Moving is a hard task and you want to get the sale completed quickly. Remove the stress where you can. Before you know it, you’ll be handing over the keys  handed the keys and  ready to start your next chapter.

Analyzing the Reasons why You Want or Need to Sell

Change in Household
  • Divorce - In a divorce the primary house or vacation properties are one of the largest mutual assets a couple owns.  When neither party can afford to buy the other out of the mutual assets or both wish to continue to live in the home the properties need to be sold and the assets divided resulting in you needing a new place to live.
  • Death - On average,  9 % of the real estate transactions in the US are due to death. This percentage covers both residential and business real estate. The death of a spouse or partner can lead to financial troubles in both the home and business.
  • Downsizing - This can happen for several reasons: There are the empty nesters whose children have grown and moved away and you just do not need as much space. Parents need to move in with adult children, due to health or financial restraints so more space is required.
  • Buying 2nd home - Before the real estate bubble burst lots of people were convinced to purchase vacation homes in resort towns and cities. People purchased vacation homes in places like Las Vegas, coastal communities and major cities around the country.  Lots of people used the equity in their primary homes to finance these purchases. When the economy took such a bad turn many people found that they were unable to afford these new properties.
  • Job Change - In today’s economy the most common job related reason for buying a house is that one or more members in the household have been hit with the nationwide layoffs. They can no longer afford their mortgage. Then there is relocation, a lot of professionals are moving to where the jobs are.
  • Family Change - Young couples who need more space because they are starting a family and their current home does not have the room to add children to the mix. Couples remarrying with children and trying to blend their families need more room. Both of these scenarios could result in needing a new home.

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