Seller's Open House 


 The Day Before Your Open House
  • Clean your house. Your house must shine.
  • Make sure that the front of your house and sidewalk is perfect.
  • Time to talk to your neighbors about parking. If you have a neighbor that you are friends with ask if you can park your cars in their driveway. This clears your driveway/garage for the open house. Also ask your neighbors to please not park in front of your home during the open house.   
  • Pull together your refreshments menu and make sure that you have everything. Make sure that you have all your serving pieces ready to go. Remember small disposable  plates, cups and napkins. Place a clean trash out in this area. Keep a roll of paper towels hidden in the area for cleaning up spills.
  • Firm up the arrangements for children and pets care. Make sure that no pets are roaming through the house during an open house. Children need to be off property during your open house. Make sure that all their toys are put away.
  • Go through your house, every room and make sure there are no tripping hazards.
  • Check the weather report if it is going to be rainy you might want to go to Home Depot or Lowes and get floor runners and slip on booties. This will protect your floors from getting too messed up.
  • Make sure all jewelry, financial statements, passports, documents and prescriptions are out of sight and secure. 
  • Make sure you have enough listing sheets/flyers on hand. If you intend to have giveaways make sure you have them ready.  
  • Organize your room talkers so you know where to put them. Make sure you have double-sided tape to secure them, if necessary.
  • Prepare a clipboard for visitors to sign in and leave their contact information.
  • Drive the most common routes to your house to detect last-minute detours. Note the best locations for directional signs and yard signs.
  • Make sure you have enough signs and are ready to be put out. I suggest that you put them in your car the night before. It will save time on open house day.

The Day of Your Open House
  • Do a quick clean of the floors and wipe down all counter tops, kitchen and baths. Close all toilet lids. Check all mirrors to make sure they shine
  • Put away all toys and pet items.
  • Three hours before take your children and pets to another location. 
  • Arrange your refreshments, flyers, giveaways, sign in clipboard and home book.
  •  If the weather is bad put out your runners and booties.
  • Open all drapes and blinds. Turn on every light and lamp in the house.
  • One hour before your Open House starts, place directional signs at intersections.  
  • Put the “Open” sign on top of your For Sale By Owner sign.
Now it is time for you to use your smile. Greet all your buyer’s with a big smile and a handshake. Ask them to fill out the sign in sheet. Look at the sheet after they have signed it to make sure you can read their name and telephone number. You will use this to follow up on the buyer’s the next day. If they have a buyer's agent with them, ask the agent if they are pre-qualified. If there is a buyer’s agent present let the agent preview the house with the buyer. Let them know that you are there to answer any questions. DO NOT follow them around unless asked. If the buyer is not with an agent ask them if there is a  particular feature they are interested in. If you have the feature, show them the feature. Always let them enter areas first. Keep answers and discussions centered on the house.